Trump Stood By Billy Graham’s Casket And Silenced Room With What He Did 10 Seconds Later

The great evangelical leader and compassionate contributor to our world, Billy Graham, passed away on Wednesday last week.
He was the first religious leader in history to have done so as well as just the fourth private citizen to be given the privilege.

The most powerful people in the U.S. government came to pay respect, including President Donald Trump.
With Graham’s casket in the center of the Capitol Rotunda, surrounded by his family, special guests and important leaders in our nation, President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump entered the room together. They walked toward the casket, pausing a couple of feet before the approaching when President Trump stepped forward on his own.
According to our source, PS Republic, President Donald Trump reached out to Graham’s casket. For a moment, it seemed like the President and the evangelical leader were the only ones in the room. After that, the room fell silent watching what the President did during the deeply personal moment with the Reverend.
Trump called Graham an “ambassador for Christ, who reminded the world of the power of prayer and the gift of God’s grace.”
Following his remarks, Trump and Melania placed a wreath on his casket on behalf of the Executive branch, followed by a prayer given by the Congressional chaplain. Then, they decided to approach the casket once again for the last time. President Donald Trump walked directly to it, placed his hand on the casket, and stood for about ten seconds, with his head down.
What’s interesting is that former President Barack Obama decided not to attend Billy Graham’s funeral. Of course he won’t. He does not respect anyone. But, President Trump will be in attendance as well.


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