Soros Tries to Shut Down Trump Rally, Then “Bikers for Trump” Show Up

President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix posed a potential threat to the peace on Tuesday.
This was due to the George Soros backed protesters who geared up to try and shut down another political event.

Now it turns out that the same bikers and other groups had plans for these anti-free speech operatives.
Democrats from the area were working as part of a resistance protest group called “Indivisible Against President Trump.” Thousands of people were organized and set to protest outside the rally, and inside because the tickets were bought for the sole purpose to disrupt. But fortunately, a group called “Bikers for Trump Arizona,” heard about the plans of the Democrats and went into actions to stop them.
According to our source, Christian News Alerts, the website for Indivisible is saying that it is a project of the Advocacy Fund. The Advocacy Fund is a left-leaning group that takes donations from the Open Society Policy Center.
The thing is that the Open Society Policy Center was proven to be a direct arm of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. This means that Soros is trying to control public opinions by paying into these groups and creating this hostile environment.
Indivisible Phoenix spoke about what their plans were for the protest. They stated that each protest would be “lead by every organization and individual that does not support President Trump.” The police in Phoenix stated that they would have a heavy presence in the area. Anyways, the law enforcement has been standing down during violent riots staged by the Left.
Fortunately, there were people in attendance who are not bought by Soros funding and they made sure that everyone could safely attend the rally.

Bikers for Trump Arizona delivered a powerful call to action for everyone involved in their group.
The call to action read, “Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe.”
The statement continued, “They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate.”


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