Out Of Hiding: Former Attorney General Emerges To Expose Loretta Lynch And Leave Hillary TERRIFIED!

It is a fact that Loretta Lynch is connected with Hillary Clinton.
Michael Mukasey exposed how corrupt Loretta Lynch was.
Check it out!

Michael Mukasey, Former US Attorney General this Friday after Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, went on Newsmax TV. He talked about how Loretta Lynch made the Justice Department an arm of the Clinton campaign.
According to our source Liberty Writers, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, has been tied to Hillary Clinton and was was involved in Clinton’s email investigation. What is especially notable is the secret meeting that Loretta Lynch had with the former President Bill Clinton, that happened during the investigation of Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton said that they didn’t talk anything connected to the investigation, like we would really believe her. The truth is that Loretta Lynch had played a big role for the Clinton campaign, and this is exactly what Michael Mukasey said:
What makes it egregious is the fact, and I think it’s obvious that it is a fact, that the Attorney General of the United States was adjusting the way the department talked about its business so as to coincide as to the way the Clinton Campaign talked about that business. In other words it made the Department of Justice essentially an arm of the Clinton Campaign. That is really a betrayal of the department and its independence. Clearly the Attorney General was clearly in the tank for Secretary Hillary Clinton”
Michael Mukasey didn’t have anything good to say about Loretta Lynch, she just ruined the name of a great position, Attorney General. Both Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch are guilty and they will be punished for their crimes eventually, it is only a matter of time when.

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