Witness to Major Hillary Crime Just Agreed to Testify

The Senate started investigating the relationship between Hillary Clinton and the American firm Fusion GPS. This same firm arranged the anti-Trump dossier and had ties to the Russian lawyer who had a meeting with Trump Jr.
The crimes will be finally exposed, and this time Hillary can not get away. American citizens will finally see her immoral actions inside the White House.

American people are sick of the fake dossier that already took too long to be exposed, but this time the things started to come do daylight.
The biggest anti-American and one of the most corrupted firms in the U.S. Fusion GPS, which was on the Democrat payroll for years, started revealing the truth. They were the ones that published the fake story where Trump was surrounded by prostitutes as he urinated on a bed Obama had slept in at a Russian hotel, as Buzzfeed reported.
The story was paid by anti-Trump RINO’s and the “source” of the dossier was former MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Apparently the Senate Judiciary committee managed to bring Glenn Simpson, to testify.
First he rejected the Senate’s request, but the Senate issued a subpoena obligating him to appear and talk. He agreed to speak, but get the subpoena withdrawn in exchange. It’s interesting that the chairman of the Judiciary Committee is Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who has been a major critic of Hillary’s firm, Fusion GPS.
Fusion GPS arranged the meeting between Donald Jr. and a Russian lawyer, but the lawyer, which appears to be Natalia Veselnitskaya, has professional ties to Fusion GPS. It was also revealed that Natalia was refused for visa, but Loretta Lynch, among with Barrack Obama, made sure that she could arrive to the U.S.

The situation is clear, Hillary and Obama arranged the Russian lawyer to set up Trump Jr. and his father, and the whole information revealed Hillary’s highly corrupted firm Fusion GPS. It’s simple, but  now they may face prison charges. We can’t wait to see that, but every action has consequences. What is your opinion on the fake dossier, and the testimony from the Fusion GPS head?

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