Unhinged Cory Booker says releasing FISA memo is TREASONOUS!

Cory Booker showed that the irresponsible irrational exaggeration for the sake of partisan gain is as strong on the left as it is on the right with this comment about the possible release of the FISA memo.

I happen to think both sides are exaggerating ridiculously, but this really seems irresponsible.

 He doesn’t even know what’s in it, and he wants to say that it’s treasonous to release it. And that is about the only evidence that there’s something really nefarious in the memo – the unhinged response by some Democrats about releasing it.

I’m of the same mind about all of this that Jonah Goldberg is:

I'm really getting close to the "Release all the secrets except the nuclear codes and the NOC list" breaking point.
Nunes Memo, FBI context, Trump tax returns, FISA applications, minutes of the Egg Council: Vomit that crap up on the Internet and let everyone duke it out.


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