Trump: Crack Down On Countries Refusing To Accept Deportees

President Trump is threatening to impose tough new economic sanctions on countries which refuse to accept deportees or crack down on drug smugglers.
The President made the remarks at a meeting with top DHS officials Friday, at a Customs and Border Protection Roundtable in Sterling, Virginia.
He was briefed by authorities as to which countries are the worst offenders, when it comes to handling removal cases. Officials signaled out several African and Asian nations, including China.
This follows a joint measure between the State Department and DHS back in September, which issued visa sanctions on Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, for repeatedly failing to accept returned foreign nationals.
As a result of the Trump Administration’s strict approach, the list of uncooperative countries has been reduced by more than half since may of 2016.
President Trump then turned his attention to the massive amounts of drugs pouring into the United States. Law enforcement agencies reported up to 80% of crimes at home are drug related.
The President took the opportunity to criticize countries which received assistance from the U.S. for not doing more to tackle the crisis.
“These countries are not our friends, we think that they’re our friends and we send them massive aid, and I won’t mention names right now, but I look at these countries I look at the numbers we send them, said the President. “We send them massive aid and they’re pouring drugs into our country and they’re laughing at us. So I’m not a believer in that, I want to stop the aid”.
According to DHS statistics, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents have seen a marked increase in hardened smugglers bringing narcotics into the country.
Specifically, there has been a rise in cocaine from Colombia and Peru, and fentanyl, being shipped through the U.S. postal service from China.
In efforts to help combat these issues, President Trump called on Democrats to support his immigration plan.

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