Trey Gowdy Just Went On Live TV & ENDED Chuck Schumer’s Career

Firstly, he went on Tucker Carlson and dropped a bombshell by admitting he has proof Obama spied on President Trump.

Secondly,  he absolutely embarrassed a CNN reporter that tried to catch him off guard. The reporter was CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. She tried to embarrass Gowdy and got destroyed on Live TV.

She tried to tell Gowdy that the Intelligence Chairman, David Nunes, should step down because he met with President Trump last week and that  because their is an investigation going on into “Russian influence” in the election, Nunes shouldn’t have met with Trump.
But then Gowdy angrily pointed out, and repeated 6 times, that the CNN host was trying to lump 2 different cases together! Nunes meeting with President Trump had nothing to do with Russia but the CNN host kept doing it, so Gowdy lost it on her.
According to our source, Subject Politics, now Trey Gowdy just went on Fox News and effectively ended Chuck Schumer’s awful career! While being interviews by Fox News’ “100 Days,”Trey Gowdy was asked what he thinks of Chuck Schumer’s call for Rep. Devin Nunes to step down after he hand over evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump.
The only thing he said is that  they will not be taking advice from Chuck Schumer anymore, thus ending any sort of credibility he might have had. After that he proceeded to expose Schumer and the democrats for incorrectly focusing on how the intel was obtained rather than what the evidence actually said!

The last thing he added is that after all it ends and once everyone gets wind of this  no one will vote for Chuck Schumer ever again, he’s a fraud!  He’s finished!


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