Muslim Refugees Land At NY Airport To Defy Trump’s Ban

Trump signed the travel ban for the seven middle-east countries and liberal media, among with every illegal immigrant in the country, went crazy right away.
These potentially dangerous countries affect the American safety policies, and Trump decided to put and end to the problem by trying to keep the deadly immigrants in their countries.

On Saturday morning, a flight of Muslim refugees landed at John F. Kennedy Airport with intention to fight the Trump’s executive order to ban migrants from several countries.
As soon as they landed, they got nasty surprise. Iraq, Iran, and Syria Muslim asylum seekers were detained after their plane landed at John F. Kennedy airport. Department of Homeland Security was previously informed that this group will arrive, and they greeted them with informing that Trump’s executive order makes them part of it, as The New York Times reported.
The International Refugee Assistance Project’s supervising attorney Mark Doss requested to speak to someone in charge for the brutal action, and apparently the agent told him to personally call president Trump.
We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas, Trump said at the Pentagon on Friday. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.
Trump’s report came 3 days after it was published that a plane carrying 90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans was flying to Mogadishu to deport them. As expected, protests immediately erupted at the airport on Saturday. Mohammed Al-Rawi is one Muslim immigrant who posted on Facebook about his “71-year-old dad” being sent back to his country after he landed in Qatar on his way to the U.S. as Express reported.

After all, we just want to reduce the crime in the United States, and we won’t accomplish that goal if we let every illegal immigrant come to our country. Even approved Muslim refugees are planning and carrying out terrorist attacks in every host country. We need to prevent other ideology coming to our country and harming our citizens. What do you think of Trump’s travel ban for the Muslim countries?


  1. That means all of you refugees. Stay out!!

  2. Don't ever let a Muslim into this country again. Never. All the Muslims that came in during Oduma's reign of terror should be booted.



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