Eric Bolling Breaks Silence On How Trump Helped Him Through Son’s Tragic Death

Eric Bolling’ son died in a tragic accident.
And the tabloid media went into overdrive to sell clicks and magazine.
They printed lie after lie but the false stories did not help Eric grieve for his beloved son.

Earlier this week, Eric went on Morning Joe and revealed what actually happened to his son. The Former Fox News host, who is working with the White House to raise awareness about the dangers of opioids, said that President Donald Trump reached out to him at a moment of a deep despair after the death of his son from an accidental overdose.
According to our source, Subject Politics, Bolling’s son died in September after buying and taking Xanax pill that was, unknown to him, laced with fentanyl. It is a scourge that is making the opioid crisis much worse. Eric is working with the White House to help raise awareness of the issue and to warn the parents that today’s drugs are much worse and powerful than anything and that they should be extra careful.
We’re about to sit down to the Thanksgiving table, and there’s an empty chair right there, Eric’s chair,” Mr. Bolling recalled on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show. “I’m seeing it happening — the turkey’s on the table, and we’re walking over there, and it’s going to be really bad. And the phone rings, and it’s Trump who says, ‘You know, Eric, I understand this is the first holiday without him. I wanted you to know we’re thinking about you.
He cares about this issue, Mr. Bolling said of the president. The guy has empathy and compassion for this.

This is a real problem and it is going to take strong leadership to solve.

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