Congress Wants To Take Away Obama’s Pension ! Do You Support This?

Congress has put Barack Obama on see that his liberal government annuity could be taken away in the event that he continues living like a big name.

Obama’s conduct since leaving office has just solidified the way that he’s an elitist.

From celebrating on yachts with Hollywood stars to rounding up MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in book arrangements and talking charges, Obama’s doing anything other than resign with class and effortlessness.
He absolutely wasn’t the “general population’s leader,” and there’s no reason the PEOPLE ought to sponsor his sumptuous way of life.

USA Today revealed that Congress is looking again at a bill that would wipe out annuity installments to past presidents in the event that they gain $400,000 or more in a financial year.
Obviously, Obama himself vetoed that bill when it was first presented.
Obama had just put the wheels of his post-administration trade machine out place, and wasn’t going to give Congress a chance to crash his designs.
In any case, now that he’s out, Congress is following Obama.

Because of the USA Today report that Obama’s income could trigger congressional activity, House Oversight and Government Reform Tell Congress we are behind them – SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!

Obama is utilizing OUR expense dollars to support a level of extravagance he doesn’t DESERVE.

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