Adam Schiff: Russians Promoted 2nd Amendment so Americans Would ‘Kill Each Other

Adam Schiff (CA) suggested that the Russian government promoted the Second Amendment on social media during the 2016 presidential election to encourage Americans to kill each other.
Schiff made his latest absurd remarks last week at a University of Pennsylvania event where he claimed that Russians were posting content "designed to pit us against each other, to exploit our divisions.
They also trumpeted the Second Amendment, Schiff said. Apparently, the Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment. 
They don’t particularly want a Second Amendment of their own, but they’re really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day, and sadly we are.

Schiff, who often floats conspiracy theories, recently went on two national TV shows to suggest that another Oklahoma-City style bombing is going to happen because President Donald Trump and the Republicans released the House Intelligence Committee's memo on Friday.

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