Tom Selleck Has Had Enough of Rosie Running Her Mouth – Nobody Saw This Coming

Nowadays it’s popular for celebrities and famous people to use their public influence as a platform to propagate their political ideas.
One example of this is Rosie O’Donnell show. Just recently she talked about her beliefs regarding gun control.
Her quest for that episode was Tom Selleck who appeared there to speak about his new movie, “The Love Letter”, but Rosie and her viewpoints on the Second Amendment stood in the way of that. However, Tom Selleck, behaved with elegance and grace as always.
As reported by the Conservative Fighters, during the interview, Rossie O’Donnell, started to pick on Selleck about the commercial he did for the NRA.
Selleck didn’t cave after her badgering and responded in a gracious and reserved manner. He respectfully elaborated his beliefs in a very mature way. As the report has stated, his response even made Rosie was apologize for her own bad behavior.
Rosie asked him : “You also have the freedom of speech, but you’re not allowed to scream ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater because it threatens the safety of other people. Assault weapons threaten the safety of other people. There’s no reason in my opinion to have them. You wanna have a hunting rifle? Great. You wanna have a handgun?

To which Tom responded : “Do you really think the Second Amendment is in the Constitution to guarantee hunting and target shooting? Do you really think that’s what the Founding Fathers meant?”
She said : “I think the Second Amendment is in the Constitution so that we can have muskets when the British people come over in 1800. I don’t think it’s in the Constitution to have assault weapons in the year 2000.”
And asked him if she was wrong, to which Selleck nodded his head.
This is how some of the viewers reacted to the interview:
She invited Tom on her show and tried to discredit him. He remained very calm and logical. She only made herself look like an ass.
Some people just have class and some people are just trash.
When Rosie asked ‘Don’t the guns bear some responsibility?’, Tom should have asked her if the spoon bears the responsibility for her obesity. The gun and the spoon are only tools in the hands of men.
That woman O’Donnell is a fool and there is no cure for her. For example, you cannot buy an assault weapon at the gun store. A real assault weapon is a machine gun. Criminals get guns, even in Mexico and in South America.

Florida House votes down motion to take up weapons ban with Douglas students present

 On their first full day lobbying Florida lawmakers in Tallahassee to change the state's gun laws, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School quickly learned change does not happen very fast in government, if at all.

With Douglas students in the gallery Tuesday, the Florida House voted down a motion to take up a ban on assault weapons such as the AR-15 used by Nikolas Cruz when he killed 17 people at the school on Valentine's Day.

The final motion vote was 36-71.
Democratic Rep. Kionne McGhee asked for a procedural move that would have allowed it to consider the bill to ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines. The bill had been assigned to three committees but was not scheduled for a hearing. The committees won't meet again before the legislative session ends March 9.
McGhee said that means the bill would be dead unless the House voted to remove it from the committees and let it be considered by the full House.
reports the students held a candlelight vigil before meetings at the Senate office building. The students were told at the time that only GOP reforms already being considered have a chance at being passed in the final three weeks of the current session.
Those reforms included raising the firearm possession age from 18 to 21 and banning bump stocks.

The students present at the capitol on Tuesday were among a group that arrived a day before a larger group arrives in multiple buses later in the day. The students are busing 400 miles in a push for a sweeping package of gun measures that seem unlikely to happen.

HAH! Watch What Happens When Diamond & Silk Go on ‘The View’

ynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson appeared on “The View.”Known by their stage name “Diamond and Silk,” they discussed the DACA issue.
And they had some wise words to say.

The discussion is centering on the DACA issue when Whoopi Goldberg said, Let’s get the guy who’s supposed to do the job to decide what’s going to happen, but he has no balls. Then, Diamond said, At least he’s the only one who had the balls to want to build a wall.
 The other women were all bringing up Obama. When Whoopi said that she is tired of President Donald Trump always blaming Barack Obama for anything and everything, Diamond responded, Don’t blame Obama? Obama is the one who created all of this mess!
According to our source, Red Nation Now, the best moment during this interview was when Joy Behar said, If you want my opinion… both Diamond and Silk said to her, “Shut up Joy!” Diamond also said, You want President Trump to keep Obama’s name out of his mouth, then maybe Obama should keep his mouth out of the limelight.
Diamond and Silk are biological sisters from North Carolina and they are voicing their opinions about media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that they feel the Americans are tired of being subjected to. 
They also have a YouTube channel, “The Viewers View,” where they share their view of modern day topics appearing everywhere and across the world, using a common sense approach without the use of political correctness so prevalent in modern day media.

They speak their mind, without sound bites, and right from the heart, because to do anything less would not be fair towards the supporters with whom their message resonates.


Shocking Statement About Florida Shooting

In a world where days like last Wednesday happen, we tend to look around for someone to help us make sense of it all. Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, but for many Floridians, instead of their biggest memory being of bright red candy hearts, they remembered the bright red blood of their friends and teachers. They faced what we lay our heads on our pillows at night and pray we never have to face; a madman with a gun.

In the wake of that attack, people want answers, and we want them now. How do we keep parents from having to plan the funeral of their15-year-old? Or keep a 6th grader from watching his teacher bleed out while leaned against a door to keep the attacker from getting in? That’s the question we need answered, and one woman decided that she knew who to ask.
She didn’t ask a friend or a preacher and she certainly didn’t as a politician. She wanted to hear from the king of common sense on how he thinks we should solve the issue of violence in schools. She asked Mike Rowe, and we’re glad she did. Here’s what he had to say in response to the Parkland shooting and Susan Collins’ question:
“Dear Mike. Where have you been? Your words are needed…”
Susan Collins
Hi Susan
Sorry I’ve been so scarce. I guess I could blame a chaotic production schedule, but the truth is, I’ve been absent because I don’t know what to say in the wake of Florida.
Like most of you, I’m overwhelmed with pity for the victims and their families, but consumed with anger for the coward who chose to murder. Rage and sorrow are hard things to reconcile, and the more such things occur, the more apparent it becomes that there is nothing new to say. So forgive me Susan, if I repeat what I said after Vegas and San Bernardino.

Evil is real. As long as humans have walked the earth, people have chosen to do evil things. This is what happened in Florida. A nineteen-year-old man chose to do an evil thing. He planned it. He executed it. He succeeded.
Should we endeavor to know why? Absolutely.
Should we discuss the impact of video games, accessible firearms, single-parents, no parents, powerful medications, social media, mental illness, bullying, or anything else we think might have encouraged him to choose evil over good? Without question.
But we should also stop confusing the influence of such things, with the root cause. Because nothing in this man’s past can possibly explain his decision to kill seventeen people. If you believe otherwise, ask yourself why millions of other people with a similar past, don’t make similar choices.
The past does not equal the future.
This is the most comforting thing I can tell you, Susan. It’s also the most disconcerting. Because the facts are undeniable. People from horrible backgrounds often become the epitome of kindness. And people with every imaginable advantage, often go on to squander everything.
The past does not equal the future.
To the families of the victims I can only offer my sincerest condolences, along with my heartfelt wish that the man who killed their loved ones is removed from the planet with all due speed.
As for words, I can only repeat what others have said, and ask you to remember those who confronted evil with courage. People like Aaron Feis, the football coach who threw himself in front of the kids the killer was trying to murder.
Beyond that, I’m afraid I can offer nothing but my weekly attempt to prove that goodness also walks among us, just as surely as evil. In numbers far greater than our newsfeeds would lead us to believe.
What can any of us really say after something like this? Some people have jobs to do, and maybe they can help. As much as we love to hate our lawmakers, it is their job to figure out what can be changed, but the government is just one of the institutions that are supposed to help nurture a kid and help them turn into a well-adjusted adult.
The first institution ever created was the family. If we can have strong families that stick together and teach a child what love and compassion and right and wrong are, that sure would go a long way. The second institution is the church, and as hard as many of them try, they are only as good as the people willing to work and give their time and energy to reaching out to the community. Government is the last and final line of defense to intervene when a person can’t be reached by any other means.

Why are all Mass Murderers Democrats?

Well, most of them anyway: Now you can add Elliot Rodger – the next in a long line of mass murderers with mass murder on their minds:

– Nidal Hasan – Ft Hood Shooter: Reg­istered Democrat and Muslim.
– Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooter – black liberal/Obama voter
– Seung-Hui Cho – Virginia Tech shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff, registered Democrat.

– James Holmes – the “Dark Knight”/Colorado shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, #Occu­py guy,progressive liberal, hated Christians.
– Amy Bishop, the rabid leftist, killed her colleagues in Alabama, Obama supporter.
– Andrew J. Stack, flew plane into IRS building in Texas – Leftist Democrat

– James J. Lee who was the “green activist”/ leftist took hostages at Discovery Channel – progressive liberal Democrat.

– Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter – Leftist, Marxist.
– Ohio bomb plot derps were occupy Wall St leftists.
– Harris and Klebold, the Columbine Shooters – families registered Democrats and progressive Leftists.
– Bill Ayers, Weather Underground bomber – Leftist Democrat.
– Lee Harvey Oswald, Socialist, Communist and Democrat – killed Kennedy…
Why are no conservative NRA members involved in mass shootings?
Curious, isn’t it? So I was thinking, maybe we should just make it illegal for Democrats to buy guns?

Top Scientist Resigns Admitting Global Warming Is A Big Scam

Top US scientist Hal Lewis resigned from his post at the University of California after admitting that global warming was a big scam, in a shocking resignation letter.

The following is a letter to the American Physical Society released to the public by Professor Emeritus of physics Hal Lewis of the University of California at Santa Barbara

Sent: Friday, 08 October 2010 17:19 Hal Lewis
From: Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
To: Curtis G. Callan, Jr., Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society
6 October 2010
Dear Curt:
When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood (a threat against which Dwight Eisenhower warned a half-century ago).
Indeed, the choice of physics as a profession was then a guarantor of a life of poverty and abstinence – it was World War II that changed all that. The prospect of worldly gain drove few physicists. As recently as thirty-five years ago, when I chaired the first APS study of a contentious social/scientific issue, The Reactor Safety Study, though there were zealots aplenty on the outside there was no hint of inordinate pressure on us as physicists. 
We were therefore able to produce what I believe was and is an honest appraisal of the situation at that time. We were further enabled by the presence of an oversight committee consisting of Pief Panofsky, Vicki Weisskopf, and Hans Bethe, all towering physicists beyond reproach. I was proud of what we did in a charged atmosphere. In the end the oversight committee, in its report to the APS President, noted the complete independence in which we did the job, and predicted that the report would be attacked from both sides. What greater tribute could there be?
How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth, and the money flood has become the raison d’être of much physics research, the vital sustenance of much more, and it provides the support for untold numbers of professional jobs. For reasons that will soon become clear my former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years has been turned into shame, and I am forced, with no pleasure at all, to offer you my resignation from the Society.
It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.
So what has the APS, as an organization, done in the face of this challenge? It has accepted the corruption as the norm, and gone along with it…

I do feel the need to add one note, and this is conjecture, since it is always risky to discuss other people’s motives. This scheming at APS HQ is so bizarre that there cannot be a simple explanation for it. Some have held that the physicists of today are not as smart as they used to be, but I don’t think that is an issue. I think it is the money, exactly what Eisenhower warned about a half-century ago. There are indeed trillions of dollars involved, to say nothing of the fame and glory (and frequent trips to exotic islands) that go with being a member of the club.

Fitton – Russia Indictments A DIVERSION From NEW Evidence of OBAMA CRIMES

Tom Fitton isn’t fooled by the Russia Indictments, likely an insurance policy to protect the witch hunters and divert attention away from new evidence of Obama criminality. He…
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton isn’t impressed with the conveniently timed announcement by the corrupt Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, of indictments against 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies. There’s more to the sudden release of these indictments than meets the eye, it’s a self-serving act on behalf of the deep state to save themselves and their inquisition.

Fitton says, “In some ways it’s old news in the sense it summarizes material that’s been in the media for some time, that the Russians were monkeying around with our system by playing on Facebook and pretending to be Americans involved in our political process and supporting and opposing candidates.
He says it was not conducted “in any way you could say was openly supportive of President Trump when you have the indictment confirming they actually set up rallies trying to oppose him once he was elected.”
Fitton boils it down, saying, “Look, at the end we have this massive Russia investigation find no collusion with the Trump campaign. I don’t understand why we are still talking about a special counsel investigating the President in light of this indictment.”
Pete Hegseth reminds the audience that the Russians have been meddling in our elections since the Cold War, to the point of attempting to assassinate our Presidents. He notes that they were all over the place, attacking multiple candidates according to the information being put forward, which may be politically tainted, given the suspect sourcing, Mueller and Rosenstein.
Fitton has had enough of this nonsense. He says, “Those that say the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians are going to have to start providing evidence other than the Clinton-DNC dossier.” He points out the absurdity, distortion and distraction of the biased reporting by the mainstream media.
He says, “This is what was in the news this week: We had the Susan Rice email implicating Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Sally Yates, James Comey and Susan Rice in a conspiracy to get Trump on Russia.
Fitton points out, “You had information that the number four official at the Justice Department, Bruce Ohr, hid information about his relationship with the Clinton campaign cash machine, basically Fusion GPS that was collaborating with Russian Intelligence to launder defamatory dirt against President Trump into the FBI-DOJ apparatus.”
He continues, “And you’ve got this indictment of Russians abroad, an indictment that’s never really going to see the light of day in terms of trial because they’re never going to come here. It’s never going to be tried, we’re never going to find out whether anything in the indictment’s true. And what would they rather be talking about?”
Fitton answers his own question, “This indictment, where they found, despite all of the king’s horses and all the king’s men, not one American colluded with the Russians.” Hegseth takes some exception to Fitton’s comments, saying, “Some Americans did collude with the Russians and it looked like it was the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Fitton agrees and asks, “Why isn’t Rod Rosenstein holding press conferences about an investigation into that? Why isn’t this Justice Department looking into the abuse of the FISA process? Look the Russians were trying to make it clear to the Clinton camp that they had dirt on Trump and they were going to use it against him and all of that was false and Trump was victimized.”

He says, “And the FBI, rather than trying to protect him, use it as a pretext, working with the Clinton campaign, to target him under the corrupt Obama administration. This indictment shows the Russia collusion scandal is over as far as Trump is concerned.”
Hegseth calls Mueller the “Captain Obvious special counsel.” As for Fitton’s questions about why the prosecution of Trump continues and the investigation into the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia corruption is lagging, four words answer that question, Deep State and Jeff Sessions.

Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years

Before Nikolas Cruz carried out his mass killing at a Florida high school this week, police responded to his home 39 times over a seven-year period, according to disturbing new documents.
Details about the calls to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office — obtained from police records by CNN — were not immediately available and it was impossible to determine if all involved Cruz.

But the nature of the emergencies at his Parkland home included “mentally ill person,” “child/elderly abuse,” “domestic disturbance” and “missing person,” KTLA reported.
And a schoolmate, Brody Speno, told the network that cops were called to Cruz’s home “almost every other week.”
“Something wasn’t right about him,” Speno told CNN. “He was off.”
Speno said he knew Cruz from elementary school and described him as “an evil kid” who was “always getting in trouble.”
Cruz — who posted images of himself on Instagram posing with guns and knives — has confessed to killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and made an alarming online comment about a recent mass shooting.

Ben Stein Blasts CNN To Their Faces And Exposes Their True Motives

The mainstream media always tries to interrupt President Donald Trump in his work.
They have been flipping out over his decision of not attending the White House Correspondents dinner.But, Ben Stein is here to protect his decision and shut the mouths of all liberals.

The former Nixon and Ford speechwriter Ben Stein, said that the mainstream media is only looking for a scandal with President Donald Trump and they want to do to him just like they did to former President Richard Nixon. Stein explained that it makes sense why President Donald Trump decided not to attend the White House Correspondents dinner. He would have been the mainstream media’s punching bad again. The media would have twisted his words and create fake stories with him being the villain.
“Look, every day you pick up The New York Times, every day they’re slamming, slamming, slamming Trump. I’m a great fan of CNN. I watch it quite faithfully, every day CNN is slamming him, slamming him, slamming him. Every day, they’re looking for a scandal. They’re just turning the woods upside down looking for a scandal. They’re hoping, I think, to do to him what they did to Nixon a long time ago. And, you know, still haven’t found any real scandals,” Stein stated.
According to our source, Conservative 101, CNN’s Brianna Keillar asked him what he thought of President Donald Trump calling the media “the enemy of the American people.” Ben did not respond.
With all due respect, I don’t blame him for being furious at them. And I think he’s got a lot of company. I’m out there giving speeches all around the country all the time, an awful lot of people are not great fans of the media, and they see the media as an unelected aristocracy … who are dumping all over the mainstream of America.”
The media has recently been flipping out over President Trump’s decision to not attend the White House Correspondents dinner. Former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein defended Trump’s decision.
Stein explained that it makes sense that Trump wouldn’t want to go and be the media’s ‘punching bag’ again. The more time Trump spreads with the media that more ways they will get to twist the presidents words around and spread lies and Fake News.
CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked him what he thought of the president calling the media the enemy of the American people. Stein didn’t respond in quite the way she wanted him to.

“I wouldn’t say all the media are the enemy, but look, every day you pick up The New York Times. Everyday they’re slamming, slamming, slamming him. I’m a great fan of CNN. I watch it quite faithfully every day. CNN is slamming him, slamming him, slamming him. Every day they are looking for a scandal,” said Stein.
“They are turning the woods upside down looking for a scandal. They are hoping, I think, to do what they did to Nixon a long time ago…I don’t blame him for being furious at them,” said Ben Stein. I’ll bet that’s not what she wanted to hear. Do you think he’s right?

Feds Make Surprise Announcement About Hillary Clinton

A recently revealed material of Hillary Clinton’s scandalous emails holds enough condemning information that could certainly send her in prison.
According to the Conservative Tribune,  78 pages worth of email documents were released by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.
As the report suggests, they hold proof that Hillary was aware of her mishandling of classified information, when she used a private email server for transferring the information.
Reportedly, the emails also prove that she was indeed “extremely careless” with secrets of national value, just as former FBI Director Comey, claimed that she was.
Back in August 24, 2010, she sent out an email to her aide Justin Cooper in which she allegedly asked him to print classified information, despite the fact that he had no authority to do that. After that Cooper requested the State Department IT aide Bryan Pagliano to set up Hillary’s private email server.
In another exchange, on June 6, 2011, he sent an email in which he gave Clinton a notice about security issues with the emails and her personal cellular devices.

He wrote : “We also have some new security features and policies [sic] that I would like to add to any new berry you have –the most noticeable difference will require a more complex password.” Cooper added : “It is a constant fight to keep up with the security measures and unfortunately we keep seeing reminders of why we need to.”
According to this even her aides were aware about the seriousness of these security issues.
Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch even said that the newly revealed information is “the smoking gun” we’ve all been waiting for.
Fitton said: “The fact that Hillary Clinton and her agents tried to destroy or hide emails shows how she flagrantly and knowingly violated the laws that protect classified information and government records.”
He also stated: “And these new emails refute Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims of having little or no knowledge about her email system. She clearly was fully in charge of setting up her outlaw email system and overseeing its use.”
Back in June 2016 when she was questioned by the FBI, Hillary claimed that she “could not recall” any briefing or instruction about keeping records or dealing with sensitive information.
As if that was not enough, Hillary allegedly claimed 21 times, while she was sworn under oath that she “did not recall” ever sending classified information over her private server, but the new emails suggest otherwise.

Florida lawmaker’s bill calls for having armed school employees in wake of Parkland shooting

A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill that, if passed, would allow teachers and other school employees to be armed while on campus.
Republican Sen. Dennis Baxley filed Senate Bill 1236, Thursday, just one day after 17 people were killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It would allow special people designated by school principals or district school superintendents to carry firearms on campus.

Current Florida law only allows for law enforcement officers to have guns on school grounds.
It is the intent of the Legislature to prevent violent crimes from occurring on school grounds,” the bill said.
Baxley hopes the bill would help keep students and teachers safe if faced with an active shooter.
You’re going to have incidents. It’s empowering people to act so they have responsibility for the safety of these children, Baxley told WESH.
Baxley has filed the bill before, but he was not successful.
The bill will go before the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. If it passes, it will head to the Senate Education Committee.

Baxley is not the only lawmaker in the U.S. who has considered arming teachers. 

The Muslim Invasion of America must be STOPPED!


And he is deliberately trying to provoke instability by allowing possible criminals and terrorists into the country. THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE. Plus at the same time, he is doing everything he can to make new laws to take away our freedoms, and to leave us defenseless against these Muslims jihadist invaders.

Obama is literally bringing the enemy into America without a fight. He is a criminal, and a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. Most of these so called Muslim refugees are men of fighting age.



Scott Baio for California Govenor

If outspoken Republican, Scott Baio, decides to throw his hat into the ring for Governor of California, it is sure to upset some apple carts for both Republican and Democrat candidates. Scott Baio may be our only real chance to take down the powerful Democrats running for Governor, all of whom are extreme candidates who are certain to follow in the footsteps of our destructive Governor Jerry Brown. 
Under new voting laws, now a Republican must place first or second among all partisan candidates in the June primary to even have his name placed on the November ballot.

Baio has been active in politics most of his life and was a speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2017. Most recently, he’s been appearing on national news shows providing his views on various issues. It’s no secret that he is frustrated at the craziness all around us.
Baio’s reputation as a family man who holds strong Constitutional conservative values will be a springboard to a political platform that would definitely be taken very seriously in the upcoming gubernatorial primary race where there are no Republican candidates popular enough to actually win the prize against the likes of slick talking Democrats like Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa—especially in a state where voter integrity doesn’t seem to matter.
Baio was a tough neighborhood kid who has turned out to be an independent thinker and speaks the language of the common man, albeit with a Brooklyn accent. Based on his strong work ethic, integrity and reputation as a leader and team player, Baio would be a hands-on Governor who would reach across the aisle to solve the complicated issues in California, not push the can down the road while our state sinks deeper into the mire. We can trust that he would not pander to the progressive politicians in the State Assembly that have been managing to hold our citizens as hostages for too many years.
Baio has always been a man to follow his convictions, even speaking up in front of the Hollywood community where he is risking his career to speak out freely in today’s politically correct environment where harsh criticism is a national sport and the hostile Hollywood environment expects all its soldiers to march to the same drum or be rejected as an outcast in an industry that only plays the roles of “tolerance” on screen while acting like bullies off screen.
We need a candidate like Baio who can reclaim California for law and order and put a stop to the flood of bad policies, increasing crime rates, growing number of homeless tents and trash on our streets, and a stream of Democratic and Republican businesses and residents leaving California as fast as they can under the burden of exorbitant taxes, declining living conditions and impending socialism.
We hope you agree with us that it’s time to put SCOTT BAIO IN CHARGE of California so we can have HAPPY DAYS again!

We are calling all political parties to come together in support of a candidate who can WIN the “top two” primary and go the distance to become our next Governor of California—SCOTT BAIO!
We are launching this online petition in support of Scott Baio running for Governor in the June primaries by showing him that he has significant statewide interest for a potential candidacy from those of us who believe he has what it takes to win. Please indicate your support for him by signing the petition below. (Your email address will be used to provide updates on our efforts.)

Jim Jordan Just Dropped a Shocker to Judge Jeanine — “We’re going to subpoena…”

A new group of Republican fighters seems to be emerging in Congress, as the so-called Republicans in name only are coming to the realization that conservative Americans have had enough of their ways.
At the leading place of the accusation are Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, and Devin Nunes, as usual, but now, right next to them, Rep. Jim Jordan is also calling for answers.

The Ohio Representative, had an appearance on Judge Jeanine’s show in which he delivered a major news about their intentions regarding the FBI leadership.
According to a report from Independent Journal Review : “Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed on Saturday that he wants to “subpoena” FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCable and Peter Strzok, the FBI official who was removed from the agency’s Russia probe after his anti-Trump text messages came to light.”
Reportedly Jordan said : “We’re going to subpoena Andrew McCabe, subpoena Peter Strzok.”
The Republican Representative continued to say : “Let’s get all the documents, let’s bring them in for depositions,” adding, “Let’s put them on the same witness stand that Rosenstein sat in last week and Sessions sat on a few weeks ago and ask them the same tough questions so the American people can get the answers.”
After the release of the condemning messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Republicans have aimed their focus on McCabe. As Fox News has reported, one of the texts, talked about an “insurance policy” against President Donald Trump before he was elected.
FBI agent Strzok wrote on August 16, 2016 : “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.” Adding, “it’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”
This looks like one shady text message. Rumor has it that Andy is referred to Andrew McCabe, and this is not very surprising considering that Page was McCabe’s assistant.
The odd thing is that they seemed to be coming up wit some kind of a probability plan to put into effect, that would keep Donald Trump away from the White House.
As a report from, reveals, Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the House Judiciary Committee Chairman said for “Fox and Friends” that the text brought a great concern to him.

He said : “Andy is presumably Andrew McCabe … and this text is very troubling because it suggests that they’re doing something, they have a plan to take action to make sure that Donald Trump does not get elected president of the United States at the highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”
As it appears, this thing won’t go away that easily, despite the efforts of liberals and FBI to sweep it under the rug.


Obama was seen storming away from the West Wing after staffers from Donald Trump’s transition team began preparing the executive offices for the new administration. On Trump’s orders, one of Obama’s most secretive rituals is being reversed and all signs of it removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For the past 8 years, to appease any Muslims working at or visiting the White House, silence has been ordered during the 5 times of Islamic prayer each day. In addition, prayer rugs and crescent moon symbols are available in several areas of the executive mansion to make Muslims more comfortable.

The Truth Hurts:

The administration has defended the practice by asserting that it also observes several other religious moments of silence and prayer out of respect, including a full 15 seconds for Christianity on Sunday morning while a chaplain blesses a staff breakfast.

None of the prayers is mandatory or led by a government official, which has allowed the administration to subvert 1st Amendment issues, but the obvious favouritism towards Islam, which is observed for 25 minutes per day 7 days a week, tells a story this president has denied for 8 years.

Western Values Prevail:

President-elect Trump, who acknowledges that this country was founded by Christians and was built on Christian morals, is having all pagan symbols removed from the property unless they offer some historical significance. 

Only the cross in the White House chapel will remain for worship. Jim Mergernerlerny, head of the team that will transform the White House from the Obama’s home to the Trumps’ second home, told MSNBC:

“Mr Trump doesn’t see the need to provide prayer rugs and false idols in a house built by Christians. Washington, DC offers a diverse cultural centre for the worship of any kind. You won’t find any special considerations for Judaism or crucifixes to appease Catholics, either. 

There is a simple chapel with a single cross on one wall that is suitable for prayer by anyone. Our government doesn’t need to be forcing prayer rituals down people’s throats just so we don’t “offend” apologising people looking to blow us up.


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