Who Do You Trust More, Donald Trump Or The Media?

A new poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist shows that Americans trust President Trump much more than they trust the media. The poll was conducted June 21-25.
While 30 percent of adults said they trusted the media, 37 percent said they trusted the Trump administration. While this is historically low trustworthiness for a presidency, its also very low for the media.

Trump has made it a special focus of his to bash the mainstream media that he believes is unfairly biased against him while giving Democrats and leftists a free pass.
Recently the feud escalated when Trump tweeted an animated image some say incited violence against CNN. CNN responded by allegedly threatening to reveal the identity of the image creator, who was a Trump supporter.
he poll also found that the intelligence community got high marks from Americans, with a trustworthy rating of 60 percent, while Congress continues to get low ratings, with only 29 percent trusting the legislature.

Americans are very divided on the trustworthiness of opinion polls, this opinion poll said. While half of Democrats believe they are trustworthy (50 percent), only 28 percent of Republicans believe opinion polls are trustworthy.
Trump has targeted the intelligence community and news media opinion polls for his Twitter ire in the past.
Since he has been elected, members of the national press have attempted to find out if President Trump’s base is cracking. So far, the base is is showing little to no proof of that, while trust in the press though continues to slip. As of today, who do you trust more when getting information on the White House? The mainstream national media, or do you trust President Trump more?


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