Trump Family Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement

BREAKING: Trump Family Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Are You Still With Them?

Trump family is the main target for liberals for over a year. They invent new scandals and ruin their reputation almost everyday.
People recognize love, caring, humble and smart family, and that is the main reason they elected Donald Trump for president of the U.S.
Now another heartbreaking comes from the White House members, and this one will touch your heart like never before. Take a look.

According to Conservative Fighters:
There are people with anger, frustration and violent intentions, which are called liberals. They tried to harm Trump’s on every single way, but all they do is making damage to their own country. Luckily, Donald is not giving up on his country, and makes huge efforts to make American life better.
This heartbreaking story will surely touch your hearts, and show how great family Trump’s are. Donald’s sun Eric and his wife donated astonishing $20 million dollars to help sick children.
The money went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and Eric described the hospital as a National Treasure. Everyone were shocked by the amount he decided to donate, and Eric said he was proud for the organization. He stated that he wanted to help by finding a solution for pediatric cancer, the disease that takes away many young children.

We hope his donation will be followed by other wealthy billionaires across the country, which shouldn’t hold their fortunes under the pillow, and help in the process of finding cures for various diseases.
Donald would be very proud of his son, and Eric shows us why we elected Trumps for controlling the White House. This is something to adore, and we hope liberals will finally understand that they must stop offending this family, and start supporting our president.
This is example for real father, and generous man. Thank you Eric, god bless you. We hope there will be more people like you.

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