Muslim Staffer THROWN Out of Trump White House

Trump made it clear since the start of his mandate, that he will eliminate every threat to make American citizens feel safe and happy.

The travel ban for 7 Muslim countries opened up many questions and made big dust especially in the mainstream media and Muslim population in America.

As a direct result of the travel ban, one entitled Muslim woman in the Trump administration left her desk, and you will be shocked what she said.
Rumana Ahmed worked as a senior adviser to Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. She was previously working during Obama’s time in office, and continued afterwards. She claimed that she could only last 8 days in the new administration before she was fired.

The thing is she was not actually fired, but she left her job on her own, as The Atlantic reported. The reason she decided to go, apparently was the travel ban that Trump was planning to implant for the 7 Muslim countries. She said that she can no longer work for the administration that saw her and the rest of the people as a threat.
She also told Michael Anton, the NSC communications adviser that it was an insult working for the new administration, and that one day the Congress will take the responsibility for the actions.
If we only remember on hundreds terrorist attacks over the years, and those innocent people who were getting killed in various attacks without purpose. If we only remember on 9/11 attack where over 3000 people lost their lives and World Trade Center simply vanished from the face of the earth.

If we also remember on thousands of soldiers sent to the middle east, which are miles away from their families and can eventually lose their life for nothing. Well then, sure that we want the travel ban, of course we want to feel safe, of course we want to send our children to school without fearing for their lives.
We learned the lesson, and it’s up to decide who do we want to come to America.

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