MUSLIM Refuses to Remove Hijab at Airport – Gets a HARSH Slap of Reality!

It is one thing to refuse the laws that every American has, but to refuse the orders from an airport security officer is a way to get yourself in trouble.
Exactly that happened recently at the Rome, Italy’s Ciampino Airport.
I guess the Muslim learned the hard way not to disobey the airport officers.
Reportedly, Aghnia Adzkia was asked to remove her hijab in order to go through every security percussion and prove that everything is okay. However, she took this the wrong way and decided to disobey the officers. However, she didn’t receive anything but a lesson on how to behave.

Adzkia was heading for London when she was asked to remove the hijab. This angered her and she thought that it is connected to some kind of discrimination towards the Muslims. She probably didn’t understand that she is actually going against the law.
Luckily, the officers did their jobs and didn’t let her embark the plane.
The female security official peacefully explained: You are not safe. You could hide something in your hair. If you don’t take it off, we do not know if there’s something inside, okay? You are not safe for us.
Seeing that there is no escape, Adzkia finally admitted defeat by writing: Later in the evening, I booked a ticket to London flying from Fiumicino airport. During the security check the security officials also insisted I take off my hijab. This time I agreed because I wanted to prove to them that I have nothing to hide and that I am not a terrorist.”

It doesn’t mean that if you wear a hijab, you are terrorist. However, there are people who have to take their belts in order to pass the security. I don’t see a reason for her to refuse the demand and simply remove the hijab to prove that she isn’t doing anything against the law. If she didn’t hide anything, she could just take off the hijab and prove that, right?

However, for some people that is not enough and they want to take the long, hard way.

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