Donald Trump Releases THIS Video to Warn America

The perfect example for the immigrants question is the oldest continent in the World – Europe. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland, Italy and many other, face the consequences from the immigration wave that stunned Europe.
Political top can not figure out how to prevent this wave, and it seems like half of the middle east citizens, are already living on the streets of London, Berlin, Paris and other major cities while raising the percentage of criminal in every possible way.

One thins is clear, that we don’t want this phenomena in United States, and we will do everything to prevent this situation.
The immigration problem is slowly touching America, and our president Trump is trying to prevent this problem from moving to our country. The lyrics of this song are showing exactly what Trump is trying to say. Apparently the liberals are blind on this question.
Their games continue on the streets in form of protesting, supporting other people’s ideology, dancing by the rules of billionaires like Soros, and listening fake leaders like Obama. Causing chaos on the streets, liberals just can not understand that if we don’t pay attention to the problem, it will only get worse.
The other metaphor received less attention. The Trojan Horse that president Trump mentioned, shows precisely the problem that liberals can not understand. Luckily, Trump and his supporters strongly stand on the issue. The Trojan horse actually represents the Muslims that escaped from ISIS and their only goal is to bring terror, attacks, thousands of victims behind their names and the horrible values of Islam.

The problem will only get worse, they will try in every possible way to bring down America and harm every American citizen as soon as possible. That is why we need to unite and protect our country, our family and our values, before someone tries to break them.

What do you think of immigrants and their intentions?

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