Charles Schumer Received $500k Donation From Pro-Illegal Alien Group Just Before Vote

Democrat Senator Charles Schumer was willing to shut down the government and hurt millions of people while causing billions in economic damage over his desire to remove penalties for illegal aliens and open the borders, but have you wondered why?
An explosive report by The Gateway Pundit reveals that there may be a reason for his support beyond Schumer’s purported love of Mexican criminals above our veterans and poor children. In fact, there is a reason. $500,000 of them in fact.

Transparency website Glass Tabletop revealed Saturday that just before the Friday evening vote, Schumer received three separate campaign donation from Immigration for Everyone, the Council for Alien Rights, and the Southern Border Defense Fund three groups that regularly push for complete amnesty for all illegals.
Thanks to this donation and his hatred of President Trump, Schumer was more than willing to encourage his fellow Democrats to vote against keeping the government open. 90% of them listened. Only five Democrats summoned enough patriotism to vote FOR America.

2018 is our chance to reaffirm that we want Donald Trump’s America — that we want freedom and democracy and rule of law. It’s time for us to not be willing to settle for a majority. We must completely take Congress from the hands of the Democrat Party.

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