Breaking: UN says they can’t function since Trump stripped away aide

President Trump’s trip nearly 300 million dollars from the United Nations after they voted to condemn the United States over its Israeli Embassy move.
It’s all compared to our national debt $300 may seem like a drop in the bucket, but that is enough to cause the United State government to increase its solvency after the tax cut.
So now the UN will have to make do with less… Doing God knows what.
Just last week the mainstream media said that Donald Trump would not follow through on his threats and analysts were saying that it was all hot air.
gain just like the election the mainstream media has been proven false and have egg all over their face.
Some even say the United Nations will cease to exist because of this which probably isn’t true but would be wonderful if it were.
The United Nations is now saying that they can’t function and do their job properly without this aide.
Democrats as predicted are saying this is a bad move.
But weren’t the Democrats the ones complaining about the national debt and Trump’s tax cuts impact upon it?
Conservatives however are cheering rapturously.

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