Barack H. Obama’s Grandmother Comes Forward With STUNNING Accusation

There’s been many rumors about our former president Barrack Obama. First about his sexuality, and now even more shocking statement comes from a member of his family.

For years we heard stories about his birth place, and if he is actually born in America. It’s clear that a person can not be president of the U.S. if he or she is not born in the U.S.

The truth finally comes to light after one of his family members came out with a statement. This is shocking, take a look.
According to Donald Trump News:
Many people, including Trump received a lot of hate about their accusations for Obama’s birth place. They were claiming that he is not an American citizen. And it seems they were right.
In a audio tape, Obama’s grandmother admitted that he was born in Kenya. This is shocking statement, which will frustrate liberals for sure. This could be breaking of the constitution, and soon he might end up in jail if the investigation shows that his grandmother’s statement is true.

His grandmother is not the first family member to state such suspicious things. The mainstream media will try to spin the news and represent it as a race issue. However, he might up finally end up behind bars.
Obama was also helping foreign students get scholarships while at college just by using their Social Security numbers. This could be added to the story.

He was constantly breaking the laws, and this should come as no surprise for us. We already used to the scandals that continue to appear everyday, and many of us would like to see him in prison. If this came out to be true, it will be the biggest scam in the history of the United States.

This must be clearly investigated, such a shame for the country.


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  1. Everybody knew he wasn't born in America even the FBI which helped cover it up as did the clintons & soros .They spent millions to hide the truth .They are all traitors to the USA & its people .They also knew he is a muslim & no investigation ??Why ,oh yeah i forgot they got paid off by soros & must be brought to justice FOR HIGH TREASON .



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