What Trump Is About To Hand Over To The FBI And DOJ Has Officials Panicking

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Obama and his secret agents were finally discovered thanks to the FBI!
For the past eight years, everywhere you’d turn, you could’ve seen  corrupted agents. It seemed like Obama got our backs for whatever we did. Ignore the Congressional investigations, ignore proves or evidence?
No problem, Obama would still support you. But behind his protection of the citizens he was actually protecting himself.
Trump and Sessions are different story.
They don’t close their eyes in front of corruption. Best example is the White House reaction when the FBI failed to charged Hillary for the crimes that she did. Maybe everyone else forgot about this, but Trump didn’t.
Although Hillary and the trouble that she carries is past, there are still some things that need to be fixed. We can start with cleaning the FBI from corrupted agents.
Even though the FBI is trying to protect their own spies, the White House and Congress are doing everything in their power to stop this.
As we are learning, the Congress is preparing the documents that will finally bring justice.
Breitbart reports:
“The House intelligence committee will begin writing a resolution Tuesday to cite top FBI and Justice Department officials in contempt of Congress after they missed a Monday deadline to turn over documents the committee.
The tipping point came after information the committee had been seeking for months was leaked to the New York Times and the Washington Post during the weekend.”
Justice Department reading 10,000 text messages from Trump hater Peter Strzok to Trump hater. They should be made public since they were sent during ‘work’ paid for by taxpayers.
“Those stories revealed that top FBI agent Peter Strzok was removed from the special counsel’s Russia probe after he exchanged critical text messages about President Trump with another FBI agent with whom he was having an extramarital affair.
The committee asked months ago why the FBI removed Strzok but were never told the reason.”
Long story short, the FBI found a “rat” between them who was investigating Trump and Russia, and they fired him ASAP. They did what they did for two possible reasons. They ether didn’t want to make it look like they are against our President or they got scared that this will uncover their hidden acts
When the Congress asked the Bureau why did they fired Strzok, they raised shoulders and didn’t answer. But then, when the New York Times and the Post asked the same question, the FBI told the full story.
Why do you think they did that? Guessing that the Congress’s decision makes them sweat.
Five members of Mueller’s Special Counsel Witch Hunt who have shared Anti-Trump sentiments:

1 Peter Strzok
2 Andrew Weissmann
3 Michael Dreeben
4 Jeannie Rhee
5 Aaron Zebley


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