Muslim Migrant REFUSES To Let Cops Check His Bag, Gets BRUTAL Wake Up Call On American Law!

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In the past, many immigrants came to America and assimilated to our culture, habits and language.

That time is far behind us and now we are facing immigrants that are mostly Muslim. They don’t feel grateful, but instead, they feel entitled.
One Muslim immigrant thought that he could enter U.S. ground with escaping the police orders, but he learned tough lesson instead
According to Freedom Daily:
Hesham El-Meligy was boarding the Staten Island Ferry when he was stopped for a bag check. El-Meligy immediately felt offended and showed his angry temper. He was arrested because of his outburst, but he claimed that he was arrested because he is just Muslim.
El-Meligy is the founder of Islamic Civic Association on Staten Island. His accusations have no sense, considering today’s political climate. The border officers were just checking his back for security rules, and that’s all.
Listen to his interview below:

According to Staten Island Advance:
“I have no doubt that many (people) are in fact stopped randomly, but the manner this was done in my particular case made it feel different,” said El-Meligy.
El-Meligy said that there were many people in front of him with backpacks, but the officer chose him for detail check on which he replied:
“I said ‘no thank you,’ said El-Meligy. “He replied that he’s not asking me, but telling me, and I replied again, ‘no, thank you.’”
A spokeswoman for the NYPD stated:
“There’s no science to it,” said Det. Kellyann Ort. “It’s like flipping a coin.”, “Many other people had their bags checked during that same time frame.”
According to New York Times report random researches were first enacted in 2005 in the New York City subways, commuter railways and on buses.
The NYPD noted:
“Many other people had their bags checked during that same time frame,” including whites, blacks, and Hispanics.”
When you see terrorist attacks happening on every corner of the world, these random bag checks are no big deal, an no one should find himself offended at this point.
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