Alabama Military Absentee Ballots Just Came In And Ruined Democrats’ Day

Over 18,000 servicemen come from the great state of Alabama, and their absentee ballots just came in. This is bad news for Democrats, because Doug Jones’ chances aren’t looking good. According to the State Board of Elections, 16,323 votes came across for Roy Moore while only 1,130 soldiers voted for Moore.
While this is not a victory for Moore yet, it’s important to consider that more than 12,000 votes for Jones are being disputed after illegal aliens were found driving from polling location to polling location voting for Jones and a bus full of blacks came from nearby Mississippi to fraudulently vote. 

Both of those groups were stopped early into their escapades, but the State Board of Election Integrity found numerous instances of the dead voting for Jones as well
Democrats pulled out all the stops to cheat and lie their way to victory in the Alabama election, even going to far as to brand good Christian Roy Moore a child molester without a shred of evidence (as the mainstream media played along), but all will be for naught.
If even half of the suspected fraudulent votes are substantiated, Roy Moore will be Alabama’s next Senator

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