After Reporter Says Trump is “Doing Nothing,” Sarah Unleashes Dem’s WORST Nightmare

After Reporter Says Trump is “Doing Nothing,” Sarah Unleashes Dem’s WORST Nightmare..

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on-camera press briefing today where hostile reporters questioned her on everything from President Trump’s tax reform plans to his phone call with the widow of one of the U.S.

soldiers killed in the ambush attack in Niger earlier this month.Sarah was not taking any of the reporters’ sass today as they were even more hostile than usual. Hallie Jackson on behalf of MSNBC asked how Sarah feels that “history will judge” President Trump and his policy initiatives.
“…Policy initiatives, like tax reform, that have not been completed. … The lack of support from somebody like Bob Corker, might make that a lot more difficult. Given that, does the President feel like he is winning.”
Sarah looked at her sneering face and hit her with the brutal TRUTH that she did not want to hear.
“I think he feels like America is winning. I think if you look at some of the progress that’s taken place in the first nine months, despite the fact that Congress has done very little up until this point, the President has gotten rid of nearly 1000 regulations that have paved the way for massive job creation and job growth in this country. We are looking at a booming economy. 

I think those are things that people actually care about.”Sarah went on to school this woman on all of the other things Trump has been able to achieve without this obstructionist Congress. This is EPIC.
“We are looking at the defeat of ISIS, something that this President has lead on and worked with our Coalition forces to help do. He’s created better relationships with countries around the globe. He has bolstered the relationship with NATO and … encouraged the amount that other countries are participating.
The historic moment that we saw with the President on his first foreign trip when he was in Saudi Arabia and he spoke in front of nearly 60 Muslim majority countries. These are historic moments that he has done WITHOUT Congress. Imagine how incredible and how many good things we would be doing if people like Senator Bob Corker got on board and started doing their job instead of doing so much grandstanding on TV.”
BOOM! This is why the American people love President Trump and will re-elect him in 2020! Despite having the most obstructionist Congress in history, he has achieved so much through sheer determination and persistence!
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