Single mom, 50, is fired from her job at a government firm and escorted from the building after revealing she was the woman who flipped off President Trump's motorcade

The cycling enthusiast who gave President Trump a piece of her mind last month when she flipped off his motorcade while out on a weekend bike ride is revealing she heard an f-word of her own soon after the incident.
Juli Briskman, 50, told The Washington Post that she was fired from her position at the Virginia-based marketing firm Akima just hours after she identified herself as the woman in the photo.
The single mother, who has two teenage children at home, claims that she was taken into a room, told she violated a section of conduct that is outlined in the company's social media policy and escorted out of the building with a box of her belongings.
That unceremonious dumping did little to make Briskman rethink her actions though, with the newly unemployed executive responding a question about any possible regrets by stating: 'I'd do it again.'
That statement was confirmed on Briskman's Facebook page, where her banner image was changed to the now-viral image of her one-fingered salute just two days before she identified herself as the woman in the photo to her bosses at Akima.
Given the grounds for her termination, it would seem that her decision to post that banner image was what ultimately led to her losing her job.
The CEO and Director of HR at Akima did not respond to requests for comment.

Middle of the road: Juli Briskman, 50, was fired from her job at the marketing firm Akima after she told her employer that she was the cyclist who flipped off Trump's motorcade

Briskman said she was left baffled by the company's swift response to her one-fingered salute, and is looking to file a lawsuit against Akima.
She is currently working with attorneys at the American Civil Liberties Union.
That case could be bolstered by Briskman's claim that one male employee who posted a highly offensive comment on Facebook just a few months prior to her violation.
She was aware of the comment because monitoring Facebook was one of the tasks that fell under her purview at the company.

Briskman flagged the post to higher-ups in the company when the man commented that an individual who was showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement was a 'f****** Libtard a******.'
That man was able to keep his senior director position at the firm after editing his post said Briskman.
Her Halloween-day ousting came eight months into her employment at the agency.
She described her position at the firm in her Linked In profile, where she identifies herself as a marketing specialist.
Akima did not respond to a request for comment
Akima did not respond to a request for comment
'As a member of an internal, agency-style marketing team that supports more than 35 government contracting companies, I wear many hats from writer to marketer to WordPress editor and social media strategist,' writes Briskman. 
'As part of Akima's shared services, our team is responsible for web sites, marketing collateral, events, public relations materials and more.' 
As for why she got so enraged, Briskman said that even she was surprised, while explaining the limited extent of her activism prior to motorcadegate.
'I think I gave money for clean water once,' said Briskman, who also got semi-involved in the Woman's Day protest by standing outside the CIA with a 'Not My President' sign.
As for her reason for all that anger towards President Trump, Briskman quite bluntly stated that his love of leisure has been filling her with a growing rage.  
'Here’s what was going through my head that day,' said Briskman of her bike ride bird.
'"Really? You’re golfing again?"' 
That realization came during a bike ride where Briskman had been thinking about the devastation in Puerto Rico, recently introduced immigration bans by the current administration and the mass shooing in Las Vegas which had claimed the lives of over 50 people just a few days back. 
And so she flashed up her middle finger and in response it was Briskman who was let go, as according to her company she was unable to 'be professional.' 


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