When Trump Saw INCREDIBLE Gift From Retired Vietnam Veteran His JAW Hit the FLOOR

President Trump is our military’s number one fan, but it appears many members of our United States military appreciate him just as much!
John Garofalo is a 72-year-old Vietnam veteran who served in the nation’s first Navy Seal team during the war. He has received countless military awards, including two purple hearts.

He has been a Trump fan from the day President Trump announced that he was running for President. So, after Trump won the election, John wanted to do something to thank him for putting our country and our service-members first.
Garofalo has been making art out of metal and glass for over 40 years. So, he decided to make a hand carved bronze and glass Presidential Seal for President Trump and the White House.
“He woke something up in me. He’s for the people.”
John has only ever made three of these 150 pound behemoths, including the one for President Trump. The other two were gifted to President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush.
“A lot of love went into that – for the country, the people, the soldiers, the President.”
This is such an inspiring story to Americans! These disrespectful NFL players who are choosing to kneel before our flag should watch and take a lesson from this man!

Do you think President Trump should accept this gift and invite Mr. Garofalo to the White House?


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